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What if you’re not a “shiny new object,” but merely old and reliable?

That’s the message behind pointed new commercials from dependable -- and yes, old -- FileMaker, the cross-platform database app that started one month before America Online did, way back in 1985 -- and still has millions of clients using it in 15 languages around the world.

“We’re not a flashy start-up,”  says Ann Monroe, the vice president for marketing and customer services. New commercials emphasize that FileMaker, an Apple subsidiary, has changed with the times but is still as reliable as ever.

In the commercials, an executive at an office meeting tries to tell her colleagues that the FileMaker is what the company needs to get going. “We need to innovate faster. The FileMaker platform cuts administrative work so we can free our minds,” she begins -- but soon she’s cut off by the caw-caw sound of an exotic bird.


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